Blocking Bets: Defensive Poker Strategy

Poker is the most famous game in any betting establishment whether it is at land-based or internet poker rooms and sites. Most of the players believe in the technique that one should be aggressive through taking the lead and grinding the opponents by betting high to scare them. But the problem with this scare method is it cannot be achieved easily, since you are not always gifted with strong hands. One of the best tactics that you can employ when you cannot be aggressive immediately is the blocking bets.

Blocking bets mean that you make your opponent release small amount of money when betting in online poker games . In this method, the small bet done by the opponent will not make you bet a larger amount. Just keep in mind that blocking bets do not work well is the hands of the opponents are strong, and the gamers around the table are aggressive. Also, some players who are proud, takes the technique as a lame one.

Blocking bets can be used when you are in a 1 on 1 match, and when you are in the lead during the hand and the arrival at the river match. Just keep in mind that your hand should have a marginal holding first, to secure the success of the method. Also, be cautious about being pressed into a bigger bet or a blocker bet with fold. Another moment when you can employ the tactic is when you are in a reasonable draw. This defensive form of betting can make your enemies confused, making them to avoid you.

The method should not be used when first, you are playing with a player who has used your weakness before, and plays aggressively all the time. Second, you will not use the technique when you "think" that you have the best hand while your opponent has the worse hand, since he called it so, and acted as if he has a bad hand. Third, the method should not be used when your opponent is making small bet that you are comfortable with.

Take note that playing poker and any varieties of it takes a lot of human reading. It involves assessing the gestures of the opponent together with his decisions regarding the card to try and calculate the odds of winning. The same rules apply when playing online vs land-based poker. Playing the game can be deceiving, and when you thought that your guess is right through the signs showed by his body language, you will end up realizing that you are played upon. Just keep cautious and outwit your opponent to win and use the method effectively.