Poker Odds Calculator For Download

You have an amazing hand. You're grinning from ear to ear as your foolish opponent bets the farm, and you proudly call, waiting to double your prize payout. Suddenly your opponent's hand is revealed and he's beat you! What happened? How is that possible? What are the odds of that happening? can offer some advice.

While you had a good hand, it wasn't good enough to go head to head with somebody obviously confident in their chances. What you needed was the Poker Odds Calculator for download, a free application that could have saved your money and your pride.

This amazingly simple app can calculate your chances no matter what you are holding. It will advise you to call, raise or even fold. Its developers have spent years going through every possible scenario and hand combination, and have created the ultimate odds calculator.

One neat thing about the tool is the helpful guide that lets you know how to strengthen your hand or what will weaken it. For instance, it will show you that red 3's and red Jacks can give you a winning combination, but a 7 of Clubs and a 5 of Hearts can kill your chances. You'll know what you're looking for before you even draw a card!

Use the Poker Odds Calculator for download as a tool to strengthen your game when you're alone, running through different scenarios, or use it with via the internet and increase your wins and money. It is fast, simple and easy to use, so won't distract you from the game.

Best of all, it is absolutely free so go ahead and download it to and watch your payouts go up when playing at top poker rooms like partypoker and more. The download is simple and requires only that you accept the terms and conditions and allow the install wizard to do the rest. It will only take a few seconds to download and install, and then you can open it up and play around with it to get used to its interface.

The calculator currently supports only Texas Hold'Em, although developers are busy working on Omaha and Seven Card Stud versions.

Keep the Poker News Poker Calculator on your desktop while playing online poker and watch yourself win more games. If you don't, other players may already have it and you'll be at a real disadvantage. Increase your odds and your payouts with this handy calculator, and download it today!