Worldwide Poker Tournaments 101

Worldwide poker tournaments offer an opportunity to see new sights as well as make it in the big leagues. Each location offers a completely unique experience that is nothing like the the typical local tournaments that most players frequently attend. is a huge fan of the World Series of Poker Circuit New Orleans boasts good food, good drinks, and an overall good time. Players who love history and jazz music can particularly enjoy The Big Easy before and after the tournament.

During the Aruba Poker Classic, people enjoyed the gorgeous weather and playing in the water. Since it has been canceled, people have been very saddened by the loss of such a beautiful host country.

Visit the Latin American Poker Tour Brazil for some challenging play against the most skilled players in the world. Festive parties and Mexican Poker make the tour a particularly enjoyable event.

In January, players flock to the Aussie Millions tournament. In the heart of summer there is also plenty to do in the area, including late nightlife and interesting Australian restaurants to check out.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but people who attend the World Series of Poker leave and come back every summer for what critics call the greatest of all of the worldwide poker tournaments.

Some of the biggest poker tournaments on earth take place internationally and it would be a mistake to miss out just because of the miles. Players who really love the game can get in on some good action as well as some wonderful sightseeing by traveling to these international events.