Meet The Best Pros In Holdem

There are few people in the world who can claim that they have won millions playing any game, but the Holdem poker professional players listed here on Poker News Headlines have won big both in the US and all over the world. They know what it takes to earn sponsors and seats at lucrative events, and they used their knowledge of the game, poker faces and bluffing strategies to climb the ranks.

Michael Mizrachi has won a total of more than $14 million. He started playing the game when he was about 13 years old and while his style is not as flashy or bold as that of some of the other players in the industry, he does seem to win most of the time. He broke into the scene by winning 2005's LA Poker Classic No Limit Holdem main event.

Next in the list of the best Holdem players is Philip Ivey who has won more than $14.5 million in prizes. By the time he was 23, this prodigy already had three World Series of Poker bracelets. He is probably most famous for outwitting the famous mathematician and poker whiz known as Andy Beal who had challenged players all over the world himself - and won on most occasions.

Taking the number four spot in this list of Holdem pro players is Philip Helmuth who has profited nearly $15.5 million from this exciting game. He is known as the Poker Brat because he has a rather needling demeanor and one that gets under the skin of his opponents. He managed three World Series of Poker wins in just three days, was the youngest player to ever win the Seven-Card Stud High-Low tournament at the age of 24 and is the first to hold a staggering 11 WSOP bracelets.

Number three is the world famous Daniel Negreanu who has made some $16.5 million dollars. He gave up college with a single credit left to earn before graduation in order to devote all of his time to playing, and it certainly paid off in this case. He moved to Vegas and took first place twice in the World Poker Finals, and he can also boast three WSOP bracelets and 30 other worldwide wins.

The number two spot on the list of the best Holdem players goes to Erik Seidel who has won more than $17.2 million playing the game. Since he was young, he has gambled on all kinds of things including backgammon where he was an integral part of the circuit. He placed second in his very first major tournament, which was the 1988 WSOP.

The number one professional Holdem player in the world to date is Antonio Esfandiari. He has won more than $22.9 million dollars and is the youngest player to have ever won the WSOP. He is known as the Magician because of the way he manipulates cards and chips for the camera, and he plays freely with his money - something that many people believe has led to his ultimate success.