Learn How To Play Mexican Poker

If you don't know how to play Mexican Poker, then pokernewsheadlines.com will have you ready in no time! This is a fun version of a classic that is sure to leave you scratching your head a bit - at least until you are comfortable. A deck of only 41 cards is used since the 8s, 9s and 10s have all been removed. To bring the count up to 41, then, a single Joker is added to the mix.

Getting Started

Everyone will ante a small amount that is determined prior to the beginning of the session. Then, each participant receives two cards - one is face up and the second is face-down. There are four rounds of betting in which to participate, and the player with the lowest face-up card cannot check or fold. According to traditional rules, everyone is able to call, check, fold or raise accordingly.

How It's Different

Like some other casino poker games, in Mexican Poker, new cards are dealt after each round of placing wagers. However, the participants get to choose whether or not they receive these additional ones face up or face down. If they would like their new one to be turned down, then they must reveal the one that is already turned down for everyone to see. However, there is no penalty for taking it up. This continues for five turns.

The Joker

When the Joker is down, it is completely wild and can substitute for anything and everything according to the person holding it. This is true even if it is later shown to the other participants. However, if it is received up, it can only be played as an Ace, to complete a flush or to complete a straight. It is only partially wild in this case but it can still be incredibly useful.

The Showdown

As with other forms of the game, the showdown in Mexican Poker occurs when everyone has received all of their cards and has placed all of their wagers. The highest hand wins, starting with the lucrative royal flush and ending with the High Card. However, with the placement of the Joker, High Card wins are very, very rare as most folks manage to complete at least a pair.

If you are interested in something new, exciting and a little bit different, give Mexican Poker a try! You might find that this exciting twist is a new favorite.