Enjoy the Benefits of the FullFlush Poker Real Money Site

The FullFlush Poker website is USA friendly and offers up everything that die-hard players could ever want in a single venue. There are about 1,000 people logged in during peak hours, and even off-peak hours see plenty of full tables and decent blinds from which to choose.

This is a real money site that offers up mainly limit and no-limit Texas and Omaha Hold'Em, but there are a few Draw and Stud tables that tend to fill up more during the peak hours than at any other time. The traffic itself is mixed nicely; beginners will find that the number of sharks is still significant but not as high as that found in some other venues. Moreover, those who have experience will be able to find plenty of fish to pick off one-by-one.

Overlays are a great way to make some extra cash here, but it is important that you first understand how they work. Consider this example: at FullFlush Poker, there are regular $5,000 guaranteed cash prize tournaments with entry fees of $10 that normally have anywhere from 75 to 150 participants. If all 150 of those participants pay their $10, this leaves an overlay of $3500 since 150 x $10 equals only $1500. This makes your buy-in much more valuable.

There is also a great bonus offer that consists of a 150% match that is worth up to $600 when you make the maximum deposit, but FullFlush Poker takes it a step further by promoting an additional 20% cash bonus on top of that. So, if you deposit $100, you will get a 150% match of $150 and yet another 20% match of $20 for a total of $100 + $150 + 20 or $270. That's not bad for only spending $100!

Another thing to consider is that if you aren't one of those people who has the thousands to spend on clearing the wagering requirements, you won't be completely out of luck. Here, you get to clear them in increments. You will earn points as you pay for rakes and entry fees at a rate of 10 per every $1 you spend. Each 20 points you get will release $1 of those funds into your account.

Finally, you can also grab some Copper Coins and Promo Bucks when you get started here. Each coin buys you into a $500 tournament, and each of the Bucks will net you a $22 regular tournament buy-in.